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Public Works

Protecting the quality of life for South Brunswick Township residents is job of the Public Works Department. Every day dedicated professionals, in seven key divisions, take pride in the jobs they do to protect the health, safety and well-being of every citizen.

Administrative Division: Some of the many duties include administrative support for all other divisions • Emergency and daily customer service • Purchasing and account maintenance for daily operations and capital projects • Personnel issues and record maintenance for employees • Maintains budget • Provides assistance for the Shade Tree Commission • Records maintenance • Bid Specifications

Road Division: is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 144 miles of Township roads. This includes the following functions: Asphalt overlay programs • Road repairs • Ice control and snow removal • Leaf collection • Accident, disaster and emergency response and cleanup as part of the Office of Emergency Management Program • Street sweeping • Street and traffic signs • Traffic lines (markings) • Compliance with new NJDEP Stormwater Regulations • Stormdrain inlet marking, cleaning and repair of 2500 catch basins • Detention basin maintenance • Street Tree maintenance • Crack sealing • Grading and maintenance of unpaved roads • Guide rail maintenance • Vegetation management including mowing shoulders & clearing limbs for visibility • Christmas tree pick up program • Snow fence installation • Work as requested by other Township Departments

Public Buildings: maintain and repair Township Buildings including Senior Citizen Center, Municipal Building, Public Works Utilities Building, Public Works Garages, and Community Center • Administer contracts for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, cleaning and HVAC • Acceptance and distribution of deliveries and provide daily mail service • Maintain energy management systems for the Municipal Building • Provide services for all other agencies and divisions.

Parks Division - Activities of this Division include: Maintain 23 Parks including Rowland Park, the newest 42 acre facility located on Broadway Road • Cutting 239 acres of grass • Maintaining and lining 33 baseball and 18 soccer fields • Raking and preparation of all fields for play • Maintaining and clean bathrooms and kitchens • Maintaining playground equipment, benches and picnic tables • Maintaining solid waste and recycling cans • Maintenance of 4 artificial turf fields at Rowland and Harvest Woods Parks • Landscape design, planning and maintenance for parks and public buildings • Provide resources for special events • Cut grass at 93 acres of open space • Maintain and cut grass at 57 detention basins representing 177 acres • Cut grass at public buildings including wells and sewer pumping stations • Assist in leaf collection and tree cutting • Snow removal from approximately 8 miles of Township sidewalks and bike paths • Fence maintenance

Animal Control - This Division handles all incidents where animals and people collide and its functions are: Capture and impound loose and stray animals • Respond to complaints from the public regarding stray, vicious, diseased or dead animals • Investigation of animal bites and quarantines the animal if necessary • Explain county ordinances relating to animals to the public • Issue notices and citations to ordinance violators

Vehicle Maintenance Division provides maintenance and repair service for 345 vehicles and other types of equipment comprising the Township’s general, Public Works and Police fleets. Services provided include: Repairs including electrical, cooling, engine, transmission, and tire and suspension work • Major engine overhaul projects • Equipment modification • Preventative maintenance • Parts procurement and inventory • Vehicle repair records inventory • DOT safety inspections and emission certifications • Maintain Motor Vehicle inspections and records • Maintain fuel management system • Special fabrications for the storm water management program

Solid Waste/Recycling Division - This Division provides the following services: Administration of a $1.7 million dollar contract for the collection of solid waste and recyclables from 15,995 Township homes • Complaint resolution, trouble shooting and follow up • Maintain brush drop off convenience center for residents • Maintain Township recycling center including participation in the County paint , electronics, household battery and tire recycling programs • Collection of office paper for recycling from public buildings • Application and administration of numerous grants • Litter removal through Clean Communities Grant