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Welcome to Rocky Top Dog Park
rocky top dog park

This is a fee based facility!

The Dog Park is Open!!

Click Here to see a short video on the Rocky Top Dog Park

For more information on Membership options and how to become a member, please click the link below.




The Rocky Top Dog Park is a wooded area, township preserved open space.  The fenced areas occupy about 3 acres. 

There are 3 separate areas - for small, small/medium and "any size" dogs.

Hours of Operation:  6:00am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week (the area is lit at dawn and dusk)

NOTE:  Owners must provide current dog license; proof of rabies inoculation and Distemper/Parvo combination (DHLPP).  Dogs must be 6 months or older, males must be neutered and females in heat are not permitted.

Be advised:  There is not any township supervision at the dog park. All persons using the Rocky Top Dog Park assume any and all risks associated with the use of the dog park. Owners are responsible for their dog's behavior and any injuries their dog(s) may cause to other dogs or persons.



Q:  How much are memberships?

A:  We have 2 levels of membership:  South Brunswick residents - $25 yearly; $10 Monthly Trial; Non-residents $200 yearly; $40 Monthly Trial;  (CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS AND HOW TO RENEW OR BECOME A MEMBER).  

NOTE:  We offer a Mid-season Membership for non-residents only - $100 August 1 to February 28.

 Q:  Why is there a fee?

A:  This is a high maintenance facility and it is gated (a computer FOB is required to enter). Our staff visits the Rocky Top Dog Park 3 times weekly all year to perform maintenance tasks including waste bag replacement, pond maintenance and garbage pick-up. This is also the only township park which is lit year round (dawn/6 am and at dusk/9 pm). We also have a pond in the "any size" dog park which has a UV bacteria light and filtration pump.

Q:  There are other dog parks in the area which are free.  Why should I pay to go to the Rocky Top Dog Park?  

A:  Most members mention "safety" as the primary reason they are a member. Other local dog parks are open to anyone.   If there is an issue with another dog, you have no idea whom they are and if their dog has been vaccinated. 

To become a member of the Rocky Top Dog Park owners must provide current dog license; proof of rabies inoculation and Distemper/Parvo combination (DHLPP).  Also, dogs must be 6 months or older to use the park. Males must be neutered. Females in heat are not permitted.

Other reasons include the pond and the wooded terrain. Other parks in the area are just fenced in areas with limited trees.

Q:  So how big is the pond?

A:  It is about 20 feet by 30 feet and 4 feet deep.  Dogs may swim in the pond!  There is a small stone water fall which is part of the filtration system.  We have UV lights which help with bacteria and we also use an all natural product (barley straw) to help with algae.  While there are no fish, we do have a few frogs.  The pond is drained and cleaned every year.  The pump/filtration system is in use when the temperatures are consistently above freezing.

Click here to see a short video on the "Big Pond Clean Up of 2019"


Q:  Is there algae in the pond and what do you do to control it?

A:  Yes there is algae in our pond. Algae blooms happen due to conditions such as ample sunlight, excess nutrients.  However, we do a many things to control the algae.  First we keep our water moving with a aerating pump and we have a UV clarifier to kill bacteria.  Next we add several PET FRIENDLY  products to control the algae including algaecide, barley straw and a product which is a blend of microbes.  All of this will control (not remove) algae.

Q. What about the toxic algae I read about last year?

A.  According to our pond expert (Lilly Pond Emporium) and reliable online sources (such as, the type of algae that is toxic is “bluish-green scum on the surface or around the edges.”  We do not have algae like that in our pond.  

According to sources, ponds with toxic algae issues are naturally occurring and have a fresh water source. Our pond is man-made (with a concrete bottom) and the water is recycled using a pump.  Our water is pumped past a UV light that kills bacteria. “UV provides success for achieving clear water from single cell algae in a pond.”

This combination of pet friendly products and the UV light has led to the least amount of algae we have seen in our pond in years.

Q.  I heard there's a snake in the pond.  Can it hurt my dog or me?

A.  Over the years,  a few non-venonous, Northern Water Snake has made their home in our pond and on occasion you may see it.  Snakes help play a positive part in the environment; they keep down the population of mice, bugs, frogs, etc.  

Dogs and people are predators of snakes; not vice-versa. Snakes don’t like to be around people. Snakes do not chase people; they will usually move away when a predator is around except possibly during the mating season, a northern water snake male might try to deflect attention away from a female by moving toward a predator. Just like all animals, all snakes can bite if handled. 

According to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife,  New Jersey is home to 22 different species of snakes. Only 2 of the species are venomous (which are extremely rare or endangered). 

Q:  How do I get in?  I assume the gates must be locked.

A:  The gates are locked.  You use a FOB to enter.  New members are provided with 1 key FOB for entry.  You hold the FOB by the entry box and that unlocks the door.  Additional FOBs can be purchaced at the recreation department for a $10 charge.

 Q:  Can I get a day pass to try it out?

A:  We do not offer day passes because of the paperwork required and FOB based entry.  Our monthly membership is the "trial membership."  If you decide to convert from a monthly membership to a yearly or mid-season membership, we will apply your monthly fee to that membership.  

 Q:  Do you provide waste bags?

A.  Yes, there are waste bag dispensers in all 3 sections of the park



Please read the Dog Park Rules and Regulations (see link below)




DIRECTIONS TO ROCKY TOP - Click here for directions

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