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From the Desk Of 
Caryl Greenberg, MSW, LSW 

The Importance of P.E.R.S.:
Personal Emergency Response System
(AKA… ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ device’)

I know I’ve written about this topic before but I’ve been made more acutely aware of how critical it is for certain people to
have a personal emergency alert system.
Several weeks ago someone told me about her friend who fell, was unable to move for over 24 hours and was in and out of consciousness. Her bodily functions unable to be held and she sustained severe trauma because of not getting medical help soon after her fall. No this is not a scare tactic this
was someone’s reality. The only reason she did not die is that some one noticed her recycling bins were not brought back into her home and they checked on her.
I hear the following all the time: “I don’t have to worry because I carry my cell phone with me”. To that I would ask “does your cell phone go into the shower? Does your cell phone get charged to a wall outlet? Do you on occasion find that you forgot your cell phone; maybe walking to the mail
box or running to another room because you forgot something?” Anyone disagree so far?
Does getting a PERS make you feel old? Maybe this would make you feel like you are losing independence? Lets’ reframe your thinking. By taking care of yourself you are safeguarding your independence not losing it!
There are so many options now for these systems. Many are digital and work off of cell towers not requiring you to have a land line. Others have a built in GPS so it’s mobile- you can use it in your home or your friends home in NYC or California et al. There are fall detection devices available, medication reminders and some that even clean the bathroom for you. Just kidding! Prices range from $30.00 ish per month to over fifty for the crème de le crème of devices. Let’s talk about this! Call or pop in to see me and I will be happy to provide you with information about the various companies offering this service. I would like to end this with this last thought. If you decide on getting an emergency medical device you are giving a gift to the people who love you. You cannot put a price on piece of mind; it’s simply priceless.


Blue Angel Program Sponsored by the SB Police. A lock box with your key is placed securely on your doorknob, should you need to call 911 for fire or EMT and can’t let in emergency workers in. Getting to you quicker without property damage is the goal for this program. Apps are available on the township website, in the senior center or police station. I will happily notarize this form for you.
All these programs are free as are many others. If you would like to explore which programs, you might like to take advantage of please call to schedule an appointment with me.


Veteran Outreach Forum- Tuesday, April 10 at 10:30 am Please come and invite others who would
benefit from this forum.

Bereavement Group- Mondays, April 16th 10:45–12:00
will run six consecutive weeks. A minimum of four individuals for this group and a maximum of eight.
Please call Caryl to register at 732-329-4000 x7212.

Join A Group...

 on Your Mind 

"What's On Your Mind" meets on Fridays at 2:15 p.m. to discuss current events and information that interests you. We welcome new members.  You can drop in anytime.  Call Caryl for more information. 

Monthly Bereavement Support Group
Ongoing support group which meets the first Monday of every month at 11:45. Participants offer mutual support to each other as we share our struggles and grief in a safe non-judgmental venue.

The Senior Center also offers a six week Bereavement Support Group when there has been a more recent loss of a significant other. Please call Caryl for more information.

Book Club
A weekly group using literature as a conduit for discussion. Participants share thoughts and feelings about what they have read and relate it ‘if applicable’ to their life experience. We meet every Thursday (except the first Thursday of the month) at 10:30 am. Please call Caryl for more information.

Meets the first Friday of every month at 10:30 a.m. in the conference room.  This is an opportunity to meet new people, share information and benefit from mutual support. 


Veterans age 55 + meet monthly to share stories and strive to re-create the camaraderie that is experienced when sharing a common bond. This group meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:45 a.m.

Social Work Services
As more individuals are choosing to ‘age in place’, the senior center offers ‘home visits’ by the Social Worker to the HOMEBOUND elderly. We can provide limited case management services, emotional support and counseling. Many issues include loss, care giving concerns and tensions, coping with health problems, relationship issues, independence, depression, substance abuse, isolation and more.  The Social Worker also sees individuals and couples on site. Please contact Caryl Greenberg for further information. 


I am now a NOTARY PUBLIC in the state of NJ. If you need something to be notarized, free of cost, to ensure you are not disappointed please call first to make sure I am in.

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