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Contact Information

Where to call for a specific problem: The main phone number for South Brunswick Township offices is 732-329-4000. All extensions are listed below.

Problem Department Extension
Water coming up in your yard or in the road Water Department 7226/ 7270
Sanitary Sewer backup problems Sewer Department 7226 / 7270
Problems with private wells Health Department 7234
Storm Sewer problems Public Works 7260
Water & Sewer Billing problems or questions
Meter Problems or installations
Senior Citizen discounts on your bill
Moving and need final readings
Change name/address on billing invoice
Water & Sewer Revenue 7326
Utilities Dept.
Water Division EXT 7270

Brian Fusco, Supervisor
Sewer Division EXT 7270
Scott Cevera, Supervisor
Water & Sewer Collections
Deepti Shah, Supervisor
x7331 Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm for Billing.